Making sure I get a hot water heater

After seeing the things my kids use every day, I wish I grew up in the different time period. They have it so much easier! I am a bit on the older side in relation to the age of my children, so I grew up a long, long time ago. My kids get to use smartphones and high-tech game games while I was stuck with a spiral cord telephone and playing outside. People my age always reminisce about the good ol’ days but deep down our generation understands that this generation of kids has it so much better. Heck, my son won’t even know what it’s like to take a cold shower because the hot water tank was empty. This is because I had a plumber install a tankless water heater in the house a few years ago. Since installing it, it has been totally magnificent. I can’t believe how awesome it really is. There isn’t a reservoir that has a finite amount of hot water that can be used. Rather, it heats water on demand. I remember the bathroom plumbing would always be a topic of discussion during my house while I was growing up. It would mostly be arguments between siblings about who took too much time in the shower and used up all of the hot water. It was the worst. Nowadays in our family’s house, the pipe that carries the water to my shower is in no way cold. The tankless water heater sends hot water through it on command, it doesn’t matter how many showers have been recently taken. I can honestly say it was one of the better decisions I ever done.

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