Make your A/C better

The past weekend we went to a neighborhood sporting event. My nephew was playing, so we decided to stop to investigate the tournament for a small amount of time. When we got there the particular temperatures were pretty high. It had been very humid out too. We went up to the concession stand to see if they had a cold pop and anything to snack on. They had a grill outside with hot dogs and hamburgers. Then inside that they had pop and snacks. I noticed it was a little weird they had an air conditioner inside the window and it was running. The front of the concession was wide open to serve some people at a time. They also had two doors around the building as well. However, these people’s air conditioner was still running. Inquisitive, I asked the lady in control why they bothered running the actual air conditioner if everything was being wasted anyways. She explained so they could step before it to cool off. I found this kind of interesting. Part of the kid’s fees for playing go to keeping the park up. They handle mowing and clean up, and also upkeep of the fields. The money from the concession stand also helps to fund the umpires. I thought it had been a waste of money running the air conditioner like that. We normally are sure our rooms are airtight and windows are locked prior to turning on our air conditioner or heater. We run both our heating and cooling long enough to generate the temperature of our house comfortable and then shut it off.

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