Make sure your air quality is clean

When I first moved out by myself, I would call a technician whenever anything was wrong. I used to call about changing light bulbs. If my fridge seemed to be too warm, I would call someone to change the temperature settings. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed to call this often, it just got to get pretty expensive! So this year, while prepping for winter, I decided to watch a Youtube tutorial on how to clean a furnace. You may think this is a big step for me, and you’re right. It will be. Anyways, I read that dirt will be the biggest enemy to my central heat system. It wastes fuel and tends to make the furnace less efficient. So, I could clean the furnace, not only would I spend less on the technician, but I would also be saving money in my heating bills! When the actual furnace is running optimally, it uses a lot less energy, thus saving me money. I needed to make sure I cleaned the filter system, the blower, and the motor. This furnace filter was easy, because my filter was old, so I simply replaced it. Feeling very good about myself, I went on to locate the blower. This is where I ran into a problem, I don’t even know the place that the blower is. I tried to identify a tutorial with someone who has the same furnace model that I have, but I couldn’t find one. After trying for quite a while, I figured I was about to do more damage than good. So finally, I called my HVAC technician, who thought it was quite funny I was trying to clean my furnace by myself. I didn’t save money when calling a technician, but I did save on my bills. That counts for something, right?

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