Make sure you set your HVAC system the right way

I work at a tiny clinic and it is always cold there year round. I sit at a desk all day long and that makes the cold even more difficult to deal with. I feel sorry for the patients that have to take everything off to get examined by a doctor. During the summer I must pack extra layers of sweaters in a bag since it’s too hot out to wear them on my way to work. I often wear all of these sweaters too. If there is ever a day that I forget to bring an extra layer my whole day becomes a complete nightmare. During the winter this is a little easier for me to handle though. This is not because they run the furnace, they actually run the air conditioner. I can only because I’m already prepared to wear a lot of heavy clothing from the winter time. Some of my coworkers have complained about the terrible management we have that won’t change the thermostat configurations at all. The clinic employs an HVAC technician to deal with the whole building’s heating as well as cooling for the duration of the year. We have all tried to speak to these technicians about why it is so uncomfortably cold, but they never have answers any time that we ask. I don’t blame these technicians though, they don’t have any control over the thermostat settings. They only work on the actual HVAC system to be sure it is operating properly like it should be. This heating and cooling system is still mainly a cooling system for the clinic. When I go to work during the warm summer season, I welcome the heat coming away from the black top in the warm parking lot. In the winter I turn up the furnace within my home so I can feel the warmth that fills my entire house which is much different than at HVAC