Looking at wine and there are heaters

Why my best friend decided to plan a wine tour during the dead of winter this year I will never understand. She is my best friend but I honestly thought it was her worst idea yet, but I still said I would go. The winter is cold and miserable plus the weather is hard to guess. We have to drive a while away to even reach the wineries and the weather could turn bad right away when we least expect it. Most of the wineries are usually in big warehouses or are within older barns, so it is hard in my situation to understand how they stay open inside winter or even have heat systems. Although I have never been for the wine tour in the winter, I would doubt that there were actually nice heaters at the wineries. I was wrong though. When I asked my friend about this, she ensured me that most of the wineries we were going to see would be fully equipped with nice, new furnaces. So, when the day came to go on our tour, I was sure to pack extra layers in case the wineries didn’t have warm heaters. To my surprise, I found that the wineries were all equipped with very state of the art furnaces. On top of all of this, we had beautiful weather and were able to enjoy the end of our day by sitting in front of a fireplace admiring the river from our final winery destination. I was so excited that I didn’t have even put in an extra coat or scarf all day trying to keep warm. The relaxing fireplace was the right ending to a wonderful wine tour with my best friends and I am so glad we went.