Look into how HVAC equipment works

For my part-time job, I work at the city’s sports arena where the professional basketball and hockey organizations play. Just like any average major arena for pro athletics, this place has suites where people relax to watch the games. For the most part, the people in these suites have a lot of cash and need to be cared for well by our staff. While we have been friendly and attentive, our overall image faltered last year when the HVAC equipment in some of these suites began acting up. The very first time I noticed something was wrong was when the heater didn’t work for one of the hockey games. We had most of these older rich folk downright shivering within the suite. They left the game early considering that the heating equipment was not functioning whatsoever. Our boss was truly upset, but he kind of was the one to blame himself because that should be his job to make certain the heating and cooling equipment is getting ready to go. This season, the brand new units they have in some rooms are unreal. They can change the heat of some of these spaces in a few minutes. I would like to consider we offer great service now and that we ought not to worry about the heater or even air conditioner dying on us again. I hope they take care of these new units in order that they never fault us ever once again. I also think they should find some good new air filters to put in the new units every so often because it would help out in numerous helpful  ways.

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