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This past month, my colleagues and I rented a condo on the beach down south. Our finances were tight, so we rented a super small place. Everyone had to share a bed, since space was limited. The idea was to not spend all day inside. We planned to alternate between lying around in the sun, and going swimming in the pool. At night, we wanted to go out to dinner and then look for a club to dance at. The condo was only needed for making breakfast, showering, and sleeping. Unfortunately, our trip did not go like it should’ve.On the first day, we laid out all day on the beach, and got horrible sunburns. Later in the day, we were all sick and had blisters. None of us wanted to go out for dinner. Instead, we ordered Chinese food and had it delivered, all while taking advantage of the air conditioning. We were so thankful that our condo had a good cooling system. We set thermostat to the lowest setting, and alternated turns standing directly in front of the air conditioner supply vent. We hoped that we might all feel better the morning after. Instead, the Chinese food gave us food poisoning. That was a horrific nightmare. We had to share one small bathroom between all six girls who were in desperate need of the facility. No one slept that night. The day after, we lounged around in the condo the entire day. We put the air conditioner on high speed, watched films, and viewed the ocean from the window.

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