Keeping plants alive with air purification

When I finally moved out of my parent’s house, I was ecstatic to possess a place to decorate by myself. My parents style is pretty drab, and I was only permitted to decorate my room without hanging anything on the walls so I was determined to turn this apartment into a masterpiece of design. Not only did I hang everything I could get my hands on to the walls, but I purchased many vintage funky furniture pieces to give my lounge room some flare. I also desired to fill my apartment top to bottom with plants to give my space a bohemian tone. Everything looked beautiful and I was so happy. I started noticing after a couple of months of living in the apartment that many of my plants started dying off left and right. Even the succulents and cacti I acquired were withering away, and I couldn’t figure out what I could be doing wrong. I made sure to water them as needed and additionally I even bought special seed soil, but the plants kept on dying. My brother is a great HVAC technician, and one moment I was telling him about my problem. He told me that my plants may just be dying because I didn’t have an air purifier to remove the allergens within the air. Next week he’s coming over to install the air purifier and I’m so excited. Having dead plants at my apartment doesn’t look cute, and I feel bad for killing quite a few. I can’t wait to have my apartment packed with lush plants and clean oxygen!

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