I’m quite picky about my jeans

I made a pact with myself after college to no longer wear jeans. I hate how jeans look on my body. I swear they design skinny jeans to just fall off your butt. When you sit down the particular jeans slide and show your current underwear. Also jeans are hardly comfortable. I always have the skinny jeans too tight on my thighs but loose round the hips. Do I have enormously big legs? Is my butt really oddly shaped? I honestly think the problem lies in the jeans. I think jeans are classified as the enemy because they were not made to be comfortable. I had to do lunges and squats to loosen up the material. Even doing that with jeans isn’t going to make them more comfortable. Because of this, I gave up on ever putting on jeans. They just are not comfortable and I have no need for them in my life ever again. I wear shorts, skirts as well as normal pants. I love the normal pants. They feel practical and perfect for my body. I do not have to concern myself with my thighs hurting or my panties showing. A pair of pants cover my entire body completely and comfortably. It does stink that pants are common in bright colors. With blue skinny jeans any shirt or jacket suits it. With pants you have for being careful what you pick to put on. I have to be very color conscious and make sure that my colors do not collide. I do not regret my decision to no more wear jeans though. I am much more comfortable and I spend less cash on pants.

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