I’m loving this new HVAC product

In one hot summer, my air conditioning had been saving me from heat off the the southern sunshine. It was abruptly stopped by a freak accident. I had been sitting in my chair to look at the TV when I heard a large gas leak coming from the backside of my house. Instantly rising up, I ran quickly to find the problem. Initially, I’d thought it could be petrol for my home’s furnace used in wintertime. Unfortunately, I was surprised to check out a huge and constant cloud of white gas spewing from my air handler. About 40 seconds later, the gas slowed and consequently stopped. Scoping the area around my air handler, I noticed a large hole on the side of the handler, and some exposed pipe. Researching this on the web, I finally found what could have been leaking. The pipe allowed the freon to spew out. Curious as to why the freon had exploded, I dug in the unit. After only a couple from minutes, I pulled a small steel BB out of my air conditioner. It was shot from a great air gun and sadly landed within the air handler. Would you believe someone would take a shot at my air handler using an airsoft gun? I think it was most likely a neighborhood youth. After about a few hours or so, my home have becoming a sauna. It was so overly hot, that during the hottest afternoon, I was forced to go outside because it was cooler than inside my property. The leak had stopped any cooling within my house. I did not prefer to phone an HVAC technician for ideas about an expensive repair. I made a decision to research new A/C systems to view if I could purchase an alternative air conditioner cheaper.

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