I’m glad I’m buying a new home

I’ve never felt comfortable travelling to hair salons, so for the most recent years years, I have been cutting my hair on my own. I always feel like I’m definitely being overcharged, and the air conditioning inside each hair salon always is up way too high. A haircut is actually not cheap, and temperature control needs to be factored into the charge! For the most part, cutting my own hair has worked out pretty well. Although, I completely messed up this last time trying to cut my bangs and had no choice but to go to a hair stylist! Everyone always says that you just shouldn’t try to cut your own bangs, but of course I tried to cut mine anyway. There was no way i could fix my uneven hair on my own, so I took a chance and made an unexpected emergency hair appointment. I was definitely really was nervous. But, as soon as I actually walked in, I instantly felt loads better. The hair salon was shining and clean, with brightly painted walls and colorful decorations. And to top it off, the air conditioning was set on the perfect temperature. Usually, hair salons have lots of air conditioning, and I end up numb from the cold. This salon definitely had a great HVAC system, because not only was the temperature control perfect, but I couldn’t even hear the HVAC system! It was nice to never have the added stress of shivering through air conditioning, especially since I was already a little bit nervous about getting my mane cut. The hair stylist was able to recut my bangs, and my partner and i left with my hair sensing and looking nicer than it had in years. I’m so willing to have found a hair salon with perfect temperature control and the best service!

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