I’m extremely distracted

I was staying with some family last year before my cousin’s wedding. My aunt’s home is huge, and though some us were staying with the woman for days, there was plenty of room. I had a room all to myself near the back of the home and the weather was mild enough that I could leave the window open for one night. On the second day we were there, the weather got quite a tad warmer and I was glad my aunt had some extra summer clothes, truthfully I needed to borrow them for the hot working day. We were all busy helping along with the wedding plans through late in the night, so we were ready to hit the sack at midnight. My aunt let me know she’d turn on the AC unit and asked me to not bother the closed window for the night. However, when I got to my room the noise with the AC unit was louder than an airplane passing by. The unit had been right outside my room, thus I could hear it very clearly in spite of the window being shut tight. Although I tried to sleep, the racket with the AC unit kept me all the way up. Apparently the house was chilled off by around four that morning, and it finally shut down. I told my Aunt right away at breakfast. She turned the AC on again and went around to my room to investigate. When she returned to the kitchen where we were, she picked up her cellular and called a nearby HVAC service to come out. I was really impressed when I heard a service man had showed up within the hour. Apparently, my Aunt bought a contract with the HVAC store and she’s guaranteed service calls within an hour. He found the problem at once, and fixed the damaged fan in no time.