I worry about hard water

I’ve got hard water at my house, and it is a huge difficulty. Everything my water touches, it negatively impacts. When I remodeled my kitchen, I was very eager to set up a dishwasher. I have four young children, so we generate a number of dirty dishes. After the dishwasher was in place, I used it once and realized that I had totally wasted my money. Because of our hard water, the dishes do not appear clean but rather are stained and dirty.  Any type of glassware will have water spots all around them, and appeared so cloudy that nobody will want to drink from them. After a single wash, my dishes are so stained with rust and covered in mineral deposits that I have to scrub them with scouring powder, by hand. This components of the dishwasher also became clogged along with scale, lime, and rust, and the unit not work properly. I now house a worthless dishwasher in my kitchen.  It takes up space in my kitchen, but I never use it. I scrub all the dishes by hand, in my kitchen sink. Not surprisingly, I continually need to scrub the kitchen sink and replace the aerator to defend against the effects of the hard water. This hard water also plugs the shower head, reducing water pressure down to a drip. I need to replace the shower head about every half a year or so. To clean the tub, I use such nasty-smelling chemicals that I must open the window, and still get a headache from the fumes. The rust stains the tub, the faucet and shower curtain, and prevents soap from properly lathering. We end up using way more soap than necessary, which creates scum inside the tub and also accumulates in with the pipes. We have ongoing difficulties with our pipes, and frequently are forced to hire a plumber for repairs.