I wish my HVAC system worked better

I had been preparing for this night for years. I wanted to go to a hockey game so badly. I have two kids therefore it is difficult for me to find time to go out and enjoy the night with friends or loved ones. So when we got on the stadium, I was so excited to finally relax and also have a little fun with other adults. We even had tickets to a suite where they offer free food and drinks! There was surely nothing that could have ruined this night. However, I should’ve known it was all too good for being true. When we came to the suite, we were told by the hostess that the HVAC equipment in the suite wasn’t cooperating, but that we were still welcome to take pleasure in the game. I assumed it wouldn’t be that bad, however, we walked into a frozen tundra that night. Ice hockey arenas are typically kept very cold because  there is a giant sheet of ice that players ought to skate on. When the heater in our suite broke that day, it left the air around us so very frosty. I was so uncomfortable during the entire game. I even asked my date to drive me home early because my partner and i couldn’t handle the cold temperatures any longer. I only wanted to get back on my own house where I had full control of a completely functioning heater. I had never appreciated my heating equipment following that night. It felt delicious to be surrounded by some warm air again.

HVAC maintenance