I really don’t want to scare any kids

My wife and I own a restaurant about three blocks downtown from our dwelling. We have a 13 year old daughter in addition to a 16 year old boy. My significant other goes home for some time before our dinner service to be home when the kids jump off the school bus and to assure they are settled in, then they are alone in the house from about 4 to 8 o’clock when we get back. They are pretty well mannered and responsible. We’ve never seen any difficulties with this system. Any time something goes wrong or they require some help, they know to call us and that we can get home within a couple minutes. Last week our home HVAC system malfunctioned right after my wife left them alone in our house and came back to our restaurant. The air handler had started to vibrate, as I’m assuming the blower or fan came unfastened somehow. The HVAC system is a legitimate mystery to kids who can be young, so even though there ended up being no danger at all, the buzzing air handler gave them a significant scare. I came home right away and laughed when I uncovered the HVAC mishap. I turned the air conditioning off that night mainly because it was very mild outside. The next day the area HVAC repair shop sent a technician through the house to fix up whatsoever had loosened that air handler. Even though the noise wasn’t actually a monster within the utility room, that air handler ordeal nevertheless has my kids scared within the house’s basement at night, no matter how reassuring the HVAC technical assistant was.

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