I never want to be stranded again

I favor taking long road trips just to move away from everything around me. Sometimes on these trips I find myself out of state as well as other times I just find a gorgeous piece of nature and sit and revel in it. I don’t usually leave for more than the day, but once in awhile I will find accommodations for the night and decide I’m not prepared to return yet. One particular moment, I went by myself and got myself lost in the back woods a few hours away out of my home. My car tire must have hit something because the device went flat. I pulled over aside of the quiet road and realized I didn’t have a spare. I called a friend to get help and they said they’d be able to come and get me as quickly as possible. I knew I was a few hours out so I decided to earn the best of it. It was a really hot day thus I sat in the car and cranked the air conditioning to be able to cool. I had nothing to accomplish while waiting so I decided to nap for a bit to pass the time frame. I set my phone to be able to wake me up after an hour. I knew the fumes through the exhaust were dangerous and sleeping in the running car was not shrewd. When the alarm went off I would turn the car off for a half hour and keep doing this. The air conditioning was a godsend from this heat. Without it I can have roasted whether I was inside the car or not. This manner of running the car for a bit with the air conditioning on thereafter leaving it off for a bit as well got me through till my good friend showed up with a spare tire to me.

A/C repair