I need a new air conditioner

We are preparing to start looking for a house to purchase, and about two-thirds of the houses that my significant other and I have looked at in our southern, rural town don’t currently possess any air conditioning. When I asked around, I was told the preferred A/C and heating unit in my situation would actually depend on my personal preference. A little online research helped me understand. If I don’t want to worry about ductwork and dusty air ducts, I could choose a ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating system that would be gentle on my allergies and my electric bill. Ductless mini-split systems come in a number of sizes to cool or heat any sized rooms. If I’d prefer something with an extended warrantee that is definitely also gentle to Mother Earth, I could choose a geothermal heating pump that extracts heat from throughout the Earth to heat the home in winter, and returns the warmth to the Earth when it cools the home in summer. There are even portable air conditioners as of late. And, of course, there is the traditional central HVAC system which should be replaced every fifteen years. Another thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of such different systems. I know I have much more research to do, but I’m grateful there are so many choices available.temperature control