I hope my allergies don’t flair up

My eleven-year-old daughter is prone to severe allergies. She is hypersensitive to dander, dust, and pollen, and misses a great deal of school because of her conditions. Certain times of ever year are extremely problematic, because of the high pollen count, excessive moisture, in addition to insufficient humidity. I keep the windows in my home closed at all times, and make an effort to keep every inch as clean as you possibly can. I regularly wash her bedsheets and towels in warm water, vacuum with a HEPA filter, and all of our unique hygiene products are nonallergenic. I’ve got my air conditioner and furnace professionally cleaned and serviced on the yearly basis since we found out about her allergies. The HVAC computer technician removes any buildup of impurities and bacteria, preventing the distribute of mold, mildew, and dust throughout the house. He pays particular attention on the cooling coils of the air conditioner where mold can grow. To further protect quality of air, I am conscientious about replacing the HVAC air conditioning filter every month. I have also invested in a few air quality accessories that work in partnership with the HVAC system. An air cleaners cleans the air that moves within the HVAC system eight times a day, trapping airborne contaminants and killing parasitic organisms. It minimizes the spread of dust and dander, and is constantly on the operate even when the furnace or air conditioner aren’t in use. I have also added a dehumidifier to take care of ideal moisture levels, and discourage the distribution of dust mites, growth involving mold, and spread of germs. By taking proactive measures to enhance the cleanliness and health involving my home, I have managed to also improve my daughter’s health and wellbeing.

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