I hate getting cold

I went in to the hospital because my daughter and I were having surgery. She was young and certainly very nervous for the surgery. We’ve had surgeries before so many of us were more excited than worried. The difference for this surgery was I was awake for it. The anesthesiologist came directly to me room to give me the epidural. It was so cold in the room that i was shivering. Apparently, the surgeons like to have it cold when they are working. I couldn’t imagine working whilst it was that cold. They all had short sleeves on too. Luckily, I was numb from the waist down, so I didn’t feel the cold as bad. My sinuses acted up while we were inside the room because we were laying flat down and the air vents were directly above us all. About a half hour later they pulled my daughter out. I was distracted throughout my surgery and could only hear the rattling of the HVAC equipment. Once they brought us back into the main room they gave me some sort of heated blanket to warm myself. I was still numb from the waist down, but the blanket was nice. The rest of the hospital stay was really nice. The rooms were private and properly maintained. The heater and air conditioner didn’t blow so much air on your face like the surgical area did. And the best part was there was a beautiful baby girl in our family now. That made being cold and dealing with the pain of the surgery well worth it.

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