I feel like this A/C never works

In 2009, my house decided to falter. It started with the home’s windows. They were leaking and molding. I required them all to be replaced. Once I did that, I thought that everything would be fine. Then, my floors started to warp. It turned out that there was a leak, causing them to swell with the water. The floors had to be ripped up and replaced. It was an enormous job that took weeks to undertake successfully. When the new floorings were in, they looked superb. I thought then that, when windows and flooring were so new, surely nothing else would need to be replaced. I was wrong. The temperatures rose and the air conditioner was on every day. Then, one day, the home seemed hot. Sticky and unbearably hot. I contacted my HVAC company immediately. I had been using them consistently: they were knowledgeable, reliable, and always ready to help me right away. I hoped that it would be nothing huge. Then my HVAC technician looked over my air conditioning unit and delivered the bad news – the compressor had failed. I did not want to believe it. He said that normally compressors are reliable, but that the system cannot run without that. The whole unit was pretty old, he informed me, because it was put in when the house was built twenty-five years ago. He said that he could replace the failed compressor, but that for a unit that old it might be wiser to simply purchase a new unit. So, that is what I had to do. Thankfully, there have been no other issues since then, but I am waiting with bated breath.

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