If you’re new at all to heating and cooling, it may be stressful trying to decide what option is best for your family’s home. After all, you spend most of your time in your home so you want to make it be as comfortable and as safe as you can. So what are your basic options on the subject of choosing the HVAC unit for your home? First, analyze your home. Is there existing ductwork? In any other case, you may need to have some installed to have a forced air unit. If you don’t have the space for air ducts, a ductless heater and air conditioner stands out as the best route. This also will give you zone control freedom. Next, explore the possibilities of the installation of a heater or air conditioner that draws heat from the Earth and exhausts it in your residense. These are called geothermal systems. Most of these use less energy. One of the systems an HVAC technician may suggest is often a packaged unit. A central air conditioner or possibly a heat pump system would fall into this category. Another option to explore is usually a split system. If you have limited space and a large furnace or piece of cooling equipment won’t fit at home, a split system can move most components outside of your home. Once you’ve picked the HVAC equipment that best fits you and your home, make sure you understand the energy use and efficiency numbers of your unit. Operating costs for heaters as well as air conditioners can get expensive so you need to make sure they’re as low as they can be.

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