HVAC replacements

Not long ago i went through a divorce. I was expecting this to occur because my wife and I have been unhappy for years. The little things were beginning to wear on me. Everything in our house had to be clean and I felt like I constantly was required to vacuum and clean out the HVAC system. She was nuts about our heating and cooling system. I cleaned and changed the filters regularly, but she was worried about mold in our air conditioner. An air conditioner gets mold because this is a moist system. I was constantly cleaning it to get rid of mold from the cooling coil. I eventually installed UV lights in the system to avoid the mold and mildew issues. The Ultraviolet lights furthermore helped my air ducts be less dusty. Ductwork would get less dirty at the same time. We had ductwork connected with our own air conditioning. I even invested in the special tool to repair and clean it. Crawlspaces and the attic ductwork was hard to go to. There is a special instrument that shoots air with dust into your ductwork. The adhesive particles will attack all the cracks and leaks in your ductwork. I was constantly restoring our ductwork. She wanted this clean and perfect. I always had to do lots of jobs around the house. We finally divorced and I managed to get a place of my own. I bought a ductless cooling model. I have no ductwork to deal with and am so much happier now that I don’t have HVAC maintenance to do. 

air duct cleaning