HVAC on the first date

I have a very serious job and I am employed by the U. S. federal united states government. I cannot say what department I am employed by but which is not anything to do while using intelligence agencies cough cough. Irregardless, my job is often a bit restrictive in that I cannot leave baltimore without getting the proper approval from my higher up. So whenever I meet a nice girl I always have to obtain some lame excuse why I actually cannot meet her parents from out west, which to me is often a fair tradeoff. Anyway, I end up having to possess a lot of dates over at my house because some of the security concerns that my agency has with me going out in public. That isn’t the main problem though, the main problem is the HVAC system configurations in my home. Whenever I have to start bringing a girl over for dinner I am always rather pressed on how much I am able to control the heating and cooling system within my home. It is tied instantly to my science lab, and there are many extremely temperature-sensitive specimens that count on a constant, reliable heating system. I cannot just willy nilly move up the thermostat in the hopes we’d find some good air conditioned air out of the ventilation shaft. The security for the nation rests on the heater and air conditioner naturally! So naturally I try to achieve clearance to go out and about whenever possible, ignoring the whole heating and cooling system baggage is usually my best bet. But as I said even that is fairly difficult, so maybe dating isn’t really with the cards for me right at this point.air conditioning tune-up