HVAC in a big building

I go to a really large campus in an area that experiences severe winters. When I first started going to this particular college I was shocked at the dimensions of it. A whole semester takes place during winter and I knew it would definitely be brutal walking around the campus during these months. Parking was always terrible and I’d from time to time have to park a kilometer away and walk with my heavy books on the campus in freezing conditions. Between classes I normally discovered myself back outside hurrying over the cold wind and snow to my next class. I didn’t realize it until after a couple months, but all of the various buildings had tunnels leading to one another. Someone had the foresite to realize that the campus did little to fix the wind from whipping across the grounds and that to keep students comfortable they had to remain within heated areas. The tunnels weren’t very easy to navigate at first but they also did keep me very toasty. Each tunnel had no problem maintaining the temperature within the buildings that they connected. I must imagine that a college campus the size of this had some really pricey HVAC systems. I know that they couldn’t have just one HVAC system, plus I have experienced sections of campus where the HVAC system wasn’t functioning while other areas were heated perfectly. So there obviously must have been multiple systems. Now that I learned the tunnel systems, I came across that winter wasn’t going to affect me the maximum amount since I could now travel in HVAC controlled environments. If only the tunnels extended with the far away parking lots.

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