HVAC filter changing

I took our neighbors to a big adoption fair our local shelter was putting on to boost money collections last year. Of course, I knew someone would be adopting a cat or a dog, but they had so many beautiful animals there that we all had such a hard time choosing. They had two dogs there that we all loved, and after playing with all of the pets, we settled on taking both of the dogs. Our two kids were especially happy, they would each be responsible for one pet, and there would be no sharing. Both dogs were house trained and wonderful travel companions already, so we didn’t worry about any of the initial messes that usually come with puppies. But after about five months, I was seeing the dog’s hair building up quicker than it originally had. We all stepped up baths and grooming, but the hair from the dogs was always everywhere. We mentioned this to our neighbor, over dinner, and he asked if I was doing my HVAC service cleaning and additionally changing filters regularly. I hadn’t planned on it. But as soon as he said it, it made sense to increase service for the HVAC equipment when there is dog hair in the house. I place a call to our HVAC tech and had him schedule us for service. He found the filter clogged up with hair, along with dust and dander. He cleaned everything and changed the filter, as well. His recommendation was switching the filters now every 3 weeks, plus he scheduled our next service visit for only 3 months away.

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