HVAC equipment inside my office

I seriously need an office in my house. I recently got a promotion for my online job. I work from home with just the help of an old portable computer. It is an awesome job, however it entails too much inside time. I never have worked on my computer more than a few hours each day. Now I’m working full time on my computer. I do not have an office, desk or a good HVAC unit. Currently I write sitting at the kitchen table in an unwieldy chair. I have been getting hip and back problems. I need a desk that’s the right height for my arms and shoulders. I need a chair to support my back and hips. I also desperately need A/C. I am getting hot while I work now. It’s the summer and I badly need A/C. The air conditioner would be able to keep me a decent temperature despite my contact with my computer. My laptop naturally gets a touch too warm while I work. Then that heat spreads to my palms and warms my body. I need a cooling system for my body and for my laptop. I also think that I have to invest in heating for the winter months. Rather than buy an expensive unit for my kitchen, I need to put in an office. I just have to decide where in my home can take the new furniture and a good HVAC unit. I want it to be in a really good place for all my new investments.

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