HVAC disasters on vacation

Last month we went on vacation across the country for a full 30 days. My family and i work very hard, so we were extremely excited to finally have a chance to unwind. We’re also very informed about our spending, so it was hard for us to let go and spend some of our hard earned cash. We had a great time, and neither one of us wanted it to end. Unfortunately, we knew we had to go back to work, so we packed up our bags and went home. When we got in the door, we were shocked to be greeted by a blast of hot air. I ran to check the thermostat, and it had been set on high the whole month that we were gone! The thought in both of our heads were about our next energy bill. We started trying to throw blame around, but honestly neither one of us could remember who was the last person to have changed the thermostat setting. We hate spending money, so we had our home’s old and outdated HVAC system, and we were going to wait until its dying breath to purchase a new one. After this specific little disaster however, we decided to update our HVAC system which has a new energy-efficient model. The best part to us was the smart thermostat that had it. Because it can control the air conditioning through Wi-Fi from anywhere we go, we would never had to worry about something like this happening again.