HVAC bills and the system

I have a little shop, in which I sell cooking and baking supplies. I specialize in unique and quality items. I offer lots of different products ranging from olive oil to wooden spoons. I have a pot of very hot coffee and plate of some homemade cookies for my customers to enjoy while they shop. I try to encourage my customers to really take time while they shop. Oftentimes, a customer will find some treasure they weren’t looking for. I also offer cooking and baking classes in the evenings. I need my shop to be wonderfully comfortable and welcoming. When I first setup my shop, I concentrated within the lighting, the displays, and this decor. I didn’t even think about the fact that the most important aspect was the HVAC system. Although I have spent good money to be sure that no one sees or notices the HVAC system, it is usually working to keep my store running smooth. My customers wouldn’t spend five minutes in my store if it is overheated or overly cold. No one would like to attend a cooking class, if they spent the whole time either shivering or sweating. To encourage customers to linger in my shop, I need perfect temperatures. I need temperature and humidity being maintained to comfortable levels. I need clean and healthy air quality, and proper circulation of the indoor air. It’s also important that my HVAC system functions reliably and efficiently. I can’t afford a costly repair bill or high electric costs. I don’t want this furnace or air conditioner making unusual noises. The performance of our HVAC system significantly impacts how happy my customers are.

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