HVAC at the office

I am not really The type to make a complaint. I like to keep my head down and do my job. I have pretty much always been that way. I was the same way in high school for sure. I remember my senior year while i was playing on the baseball team, and the entire squad was trying hard to get our coach fired after our team lost our first two tournaments. We were supposed to be unbeatable and the moment that my village started to turn on our coach, so did the team. I refused to turn on our coach too. I started to workout more and to study more film every day. Along with doing the simple things every day, I made sure to motivate my team for each victory the rest of the season. That is just the way I deal with things.  But, I am starting to feel differently about the situation that My company is in now. The air conditioner in my building  is unmanageable and the district manager won’t do anything about the issue, despite us kindly asking him to handle the problem many times. I am starting to question his authority, which I have never done in the past. I don’t understand how my district manager expects me, or anyone else, to get any sort of worked on in this sort of environment. They air conditioner never shuts off and it’s been 60 degrees for weeks.  I am so upset that I am minutes away from calling an HVAC technician myself so that this problem gets taken care of, otherwise I may leave this job.

HVAC maintenance