HVAC at my grandma’s house

Dating back to as far as I can remember, my grandparents left all of their faucets running a little in the winter. They said it was to prevent the pipes from freezing by keeping the water moving consistently. They had all sorts of setups in their sinks using dishcloths to refrain the water from making noise as it dripped into a cloth together which was muffled before running down the drain. I got older and decided as an alternative to going to college to take on a trade instead. I find out about HVAC systems and insulation. As I learned about these things I realized my grandparents could avoid leaving the water running if they merely got more insulation put in their basement and perhaps upgraded their HVAC system. They told me they didn’t want to pay extra for an HVAC technician to do the work and asked if I could undertake it. I couldn’t, because I was still learning but promised them that when I could, I would. I finished the HVAC guidance school and got an internship shadowing a practiced professional HVAC tech. When I felt I had learned enough, I let my grandparents know. They put their trust upon me and purchased a new HVAC system along with the materials for the insulation. I took care of the entire thing. When winter came around, my grandparents put more trust upon me and left their water off once they weren’t using it. With the revolutionary insulation and HVAC system I installed by having a vent that heated the basement some, their pipes made it along the winter with no issue.

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