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I had no idea I would be working at this store when i was first hired more than a few years ago. As a college freshman, I decided I needed some money to be able to afford textbooks and all the other things I needed. I got a job at an upscale men’s clothing store across town. We fit men into new suits, trousers and a tie if we need it. We make sure our clients look good in the office and at the bar on a Friday night. I went from being a sales associate to the manager of this store after I graduated university. I get a great salary and all the clothing items I could ever want. I want to keep this specific store running great. In order to do that, I have an open line of communication with the owner. He trusts me. So when I told him we needed to seriously check out our store’s heating and cooling products, he listened to me. Many store owners would simply brush off this kind of suggestion, especially when our HVAC system was still somewhat functional. Even so, our owner realizes how important the clients’ comfort should be to our sales. He phoned a local HVAC provider and had a guy in the store come to see the system we had in place during that time. The air conditioner was very old, so we replaced it. We got rid of it and bought a modern air conditioner. When men try on new suits, a store that’s much too warm will make them sweat and feel uncomfortable inside the clothes they are wearing.

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