HVAC and the bowling alley

As I was looking around for an area to host my kid’s celebration, I was really confused. Some places were so darn expensive and they barely gave you anything for your money. They might provide a crappy pizza or something such as that and maybe offer a number of free tokens for games. We do not like that at all. I wanted my kid and his friends to have fun at the party, but I didn’t want to hurt my wallet either. I ended up booking it at the local bowling alley because it turned out cheap and what eight year old doesn’t love bowling? Every little thing was going swell until just about every kid was drenched with sweat from intense bowling. From an outsider’s perspective, you’d probably have guessed these kids were just getting riled up and also getting tired. However, what had actually occurred was that the air conditioner for the bowling alley had ceased to do its job. Even the girl at the front counter didn’t know how to handle it. The temperature within the place was climbing by the minute. We were forced to leave much earlier than expected. I told the manager the following day that the cooling equipment forced us to shut down and leave early and he refunded me a part of my payment. I hope they get an HVAC service technician to solve that soon because my son really loves to go bowling. However, I refuse to sit there and bowl with him if it is going to be that hot in there when we go in. I simply will never put myself through that all over again.

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