HVAC and filters stop dust

It seems that living with my parents again has been a little rough. I don’t remember them ever before being so annoying and hard on me when I was living with them in school. Now that I’m out of college and was required to move back home to save cash, they are on my case constantly! I am going through all of my things that I currently own and getting rid of items that I don’t use anymore, in hopes to make room for whatever I brought home from college. When I go through things at home I also clean everything. I make sure that I dust my bedroom and vacuum it as well. As I was dusting my entire room I realized that there seemed to be more dust than normal. I’m lost as to why but when I looked up at my ceiling fan it was covered in layers of gross dust. I grabbed a dusting cloth wiped it across the fan blades and showed it to my father. I asked him why there was clearly so much dust accumulated on the fan. He had only one cause for it. He took me downstairs into our basement with the HVAC system. He opened the middle of it and took out the very dirty air filter. The air filter was packed with dust, and it looked exactly like my fan blades. My dad told me that it was from him not changing the air filter just as much as he should have done. That day he thought to call our HVAC technician service and clean our HVAC system. My dad had a feeling that there seemed to be most likely more dirt within the system since the air was totally clogged.

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