HVAC and energy usage

On a monthly basis your dreaded energy bills get mailed. Living in the north you either are running the heater or air conditioner constantly, depending on the time of year. Your bills seem ridiculously significant with both the summer and winter weather. You immediately blame your heater or air conditioner. It must be the units, right? It could never be your fault or perhaps your home. After all, the heater and air conditioner make up most of each energy bill. Looking around your home however, you may be able to lower your bill just simply by making small changes. One simple change which can be made to your home is to ensure that it is airtight. If your house is leaking air, then you are spending more cash to heat and cool your home. The heater or air conditioner is most likely replacing your leaking air simply by pushing out more heat or air to fill the space. Not only is your warm or cold air leaking out of the home, but also the air and temperature outside is leaking in. This is never great if you are hoping to get a desired temperature by setting your own thermostat. Since windows and doors certainly are a leading area of leakage, you have to seal both. Another quick tip is by using the natural sunlight to your own advantage. In the summer months you should keep blinds closed and sunlight out. In the winter months you should open blinds and allow your sunlight to shine in and heat the home. Using a few simple ideas should alleviate some costs while using the heater or the air conditioner.

efficient HVAC