HVAC and air quality

While I was in high school, my little brother actually got pretty invested in our local community chorus. He started singing when he was pretty young, and ended up getting good by the time he was old enough to participate. I was happy for him and all, but I hated being forced to sit through his concerts. It was all church and chamber compositions, and the concerts were merged with orchestra and band performances, which meant they lasted for hours on end. I would get dressed up with my parents, drive to one of the local concert halls, and sit, bored to death, through the whole thing. Mostly I hated that his concert venues were always freezing cold. It was like they didn’t install a  furnace or something. I learned later that they were so cold because it kept the instruments from warping out of tune, but it didn’t make me feel any better when I was shivering in my thin dress without a coat. Although it was below zero out in the open, they would heat up the lobby a little bit and keep the actual auditorium chilly. I wasn’t very lucky, as well; I almost always ended up sitting directly beneath an air conditioning duct, which practically cut the temperature where I was sitting by two. I started bringing hand warmers and heavy coats, even when the forecast didn’t call for any kind of cold weather. I was so grateful to go home at the end of the night, since it meant not having to deal with overblown air conditioning any more that night. I was much happier, still, when my brother finally got fed up with it all and quit the community chorus altogether.

indoor air quality