How to tune-up that central A/C

We decided we wanted to move now that we were retired. We put our house on the block when we realized we were going to purchase an RV and see north america. We decided to skip hiring a realtor because we knew the selling points of our home and knew we may possibly sell it ourselves. We scheduled some open houses and had people arrived to see our home. We liked showing it off but it surely seemed as though no one was focused on buying. After several showings we started to notice that people seemed unpleasant while viewing our home. We realized that everyone was uncomfortable from the heat and therefore our lack of air conditioning needed to be what was causing everyone not to put a bid on the home. We decided to stop showing our house for a bit and contacted an HVAC company to come to our house. We had to get central air conditioning unit if we planned to sell the house. It took them a short while to have the central air conditioning so we had to put our dreams on hold. Once the house was cool from our central ac, we scheduled another open house. After our first showing of the home with air conditioning, we already got an offer. There was a few couples competing against the other and we actually got more when compared to what we asked. We were so happy and it was all thanks to some of our HVAC unit. We probably needs to have gotten the HVAC system previous to when we moved out, but our new RV will have air conditioning and heating and we’ll appreciate it.

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