How to set your thermostat

I didn’t always like my smart thermostat. When I first got my smart thermostat installed, it would do weird things. It continuously adjusted my in home air temperature. I had to keep changing the temperature here based on where I wanted it to be. I would turn the heater up and the thermostat would slowly lower the actual temperature until I turned it up again. My smart thermostat was very annoying for around two weeks. That is when my smart thermostat had began to learn what I wanted. I didn’t need to touch the thermostat for fourteen days straight. It was wonderful. I’ve never been so comfortable inside my house before. I am excited to see my heating bills. I heard that my new smart thermostat should save me a lot of cash on my heating bills. The reason i bought a smart thermostat was because my HVAC technician. I was having a lot of trouble with my programmable thermostat and I could never figure out how to work it. It seemed like my programmable thermostat needed to be programmed every few days. As i explained this to my HVAC technical assistant, he told me that I probably hadn’t programed the thermostat correctly. I asked him if he could put in a manual thermostat to replace my programmable one. That is when he told me that I should purchase and use a smart thermostat. He said how the smart thermostat learns to program itself based on how you interact with it. There is no complex programming required to operate a smart thermostat.

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