How to find a warmer climate

Another weekend, my roommates and I sought out to eat in the location near our school. It was a lot of fun, we went to a show and then had plans to visit this nice restaurant after. We got to dress up and look super nice and then go out and have a great time on the town. The show was great, we saw a really amazing play and it was the very first time I had ever seen the thing. The overall excitement I had for the night couldn’t be contained easily. The restaurant was held in really high regard at the same time, and the food was excellent, but there was a huge problem. The air conditioning was on full blast the entire time. It was the middle of winter, and it’s something that is the coldest you’ve ever felt. Consequently, the air conditioning was less than ideal for the time period. If the heat had been running, that would’ve been so much better for us. We were therefore uncomfortable, we had to keep on our coats, and no matter how much we complained to the waiter, the air conditioning stayed cranked. We got our appetizer, a dish that was allowed to be hot, and it was freezing within minutes. Because of this, we didn’t order our dinner. This was a massive bummer, because we had been so excited with this restaurant, but it just wasn’t worth a single penny to pay that much for cold food. We hit up our local diner instead and had a wonderfully prepared meal inside a dining room that was warm and cozy. and it was delicious.

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