Hoping I don’t sweat a lot

I’m some graduate student at a prestigious college in the area. If you know anything about Grad school it is probably the most gruelling experiences university students will encounter. The work-load is enormous, the hours spent studying outweigh the hours spent sleeping and somewhere in there you have to try to fit in a job to help support yourself while experiencing this horrendous experience. We all get very excited in May when we realize the semester is coming for a close and that we have a nice warm summer to enjoy. We start to think ahead to the long summer nights, drive-in theaters in addition to outdoor concerts that we’ll show up at. And then reality hits. The dreaded exam week is upon you before you can guess what happened. Exam week is quite simply mental torture. Professors are testing you on material you haven’t discussed in weeks. In a lot of cases, you have to do the proper demonstration on a skill you learned last year. Needless to say it gets rough. But the worst part is when you show up for an examination already exhausted, both mentally and physically and you realize that in anticipation for the warm weather the school has fired up the air conditioning. Now, normally you can appreciate being cool when you’re sweating profusely, but when the a/c is usually on so high that you’re cold enough that you can’t concentrate that isn’t such a good thing. Taking exams is hard enough minus the added stressor of an overactive air conditioning product. Next exam I’ll know to bring a sweater with me!

residential cooling