Hoping for a better HVAC unit than this

There’s a French Bistro restaurant I adore going to, but for some reason they always have the air conditioner on extensive blast. The air is so chilly that it causes my teeth to chatter about. Maybe it’s because they are preparing food inside. The air really need to be cooling all the time so it doesn’t spoil the food, but I’d think that the buying price of air conditioning, would be too much for that. If that’s true, I hope their AC unit never requires a repair or replacing. I know the price of replacing an air conditioner isn’t cheap, and a restaurant as large as this one must require a huge HVAC unit. Come to think about it,  most restaurants I’ve been to, have their air conditioning set at a low temperature, blowing substantially cold air. As a patron, I find that much air and cooling, very distracting. It ruins the experience if I’m folding my arms, and crossing my legs in attempts to keep warm in a restaurant. It makes me think about what are you doing with their air conditioner, instead of enjoying the food, or enjoying the company of the person I am with. I feel rude if I ask for any heat to be turned up. Maybe the owner really wishes the entire building to be as cold as possible.  Perhaps the owner is used to a cold, chilly climate. Perhaps they don’t care about the huge price tag that running the AC on air conditioning is, and maybe they’ll take an affront to my telling them how they should handle their heat. And if their air conditioner is malfunctioning and requires a technician to repair it, they should at least tell the patrons before they sit down. cooling equipment