Helping my parents save a little bit of money

For an adult, I find myself going home to see my parents often and wanting simply to help them update their lives in several areas. This past year, my mom got a fresh smartphone. She refused one for years. Finally, she gave in, now she could not be any kind of happier. My stepdad got one too and he loves deploying it for directions, weather reports, along with music. I am constantly prodding those to get with the times. By means of my assistance, they recently learned ways to stream movies and shows on their television, which was another financial success. After phones and streaming, I figured that it was time to push them to upgrade the thermostat within their home. They still have the old model who has a little needle which points with the room temperature. My last several visits home, I have been dropping bits and pieces of information to them with hopes of encouraging those to upgrade their thermostat. They had a fresh heating and cooling unit put in their apartment last year, but they didn’t want to upgrade their thermostat subsequently. They hate change, so the pair were really stubborn about it. Today, though, they seem to be a lot more interested in updating their lifetime after seeing how great it can also be. I figure it is worth a try. Sure enough, my mom called me to ask me what I think about touch screen thermostats. I told her that it could be a great investment and simple to navigate, too. She seemed to understand and like this. I would not be surprised to go back home on my next trip to find that my parents employ a whole new thermostat. That would make my year.

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