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Why does anyone wish to be energy efficient? I am not an environmental person. I am not a tree planting and save our world earth type of girl either. But I really do like to save money. That is what being energy efficient will do for you. You can save money effortlessly. Your heating and cooling system can save you money easy and quick. What I don’t understand is why are colleges not energy efficient with the use of their air conditioning and heating system. I hate how the college is just wasting dollars. The college is wasting my own money. Maybe if the college was energy efficient they could possibly lower tuition. I am doing all I can to cover the cost of college. Is their faulty air conditioning and heating system the reason my tuition is so substantial? In the middle of winter the school will blast the heat. The heat in my college and most colleges isn’t good. When it is winter heat will be extreme in the particular classrooms. The students have to open the windows make the classroom more comfortable. In the middle of the winter the students open the windows in the classrooms. Heat is being wasted! The school needs to consult a HVAC technician about their heating. Something is seriously wrong with their heating system. They’re not being energy efficient or they have improper zone control. An easy approach to save money would not be to blast heat in the winter and blast cold air within the summer. The college is certainly not comfortable. They have terrible heating along with cooling systems. If they consulted a quality HVAC technician maybe my tuition bill might be significantly lowered.

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