Heating and cooling

It truly is summer and I am cool. Where I am from it is cold all the time. In the winter our temperatures get below freezing. I went along to school and the temperature was deep in the negatives. I hate the weather in the climate that I live in. I look forward to summer because basically the entire year is cold. This summers have been awful recently. I had one week of heat. It was totally great. I got a nice tan and switched on my air conditioning. By the next week the weather got cold once again. I have to wear long pants plus a jacket now. I also needed to turn on my furnace. This was awful to do. It is summer and I needed my furnace. It made us appreciate our heating system even more than we had before. I need my heating system basically throughout the entire summer. I do worry about my heater though. I feel like it is constantly on. I do not want it to break down on me. I have gotten very attached with it. I do everything I can to make sure that it is working properly. The one thing I do is constantly clean the filters. Every month I remove the filters and run them under water. I make sure to dust between the coil fins. Every 3 months I completely replace the filters on my HVAC system. I have all the days of the week marked on my calendar. I do not want to forget to change the filters. Not replacing your filters may cause your furnace to overheat. I do not want to ruin my system as a result of the filters getting clogged. Check your furnace often to be certain it is clean and working properly.

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