Heating and cooling

I just started to get involved with spinning and spinning classes. Some people don’t think that it is a good workout, but believe me that it is the best thing and will whip your butt into good shape. I feel like I’m overall just more toned than before and have much more energy after going to class. Also, I like that all others struggle as well, so I make it a small competition between me and the person next to me, like who will burn the most calories and who could be the best at the end from the hour? I have been going everyday now and have been interested with their HVAC system. It seems like they don’t turn it on right at the start and because of this, it’s very hot in there when someone first arrives. After that though, they turn the system on therefore you feel a little relief, however not really that much because you’ve been sweating profusely. The last class I was in, the normal routine started the location where the fans weren’t on and we were doing our warm up. It was such a rough workout that after it was done, I heard others comment about it being hotter than usual. I did kind of agree, but thought nothing more of it. The next day, I went to attend class but found the center closed. Apparently, a rodent had gotten into the HVAC system vents and stopped up it, so the fans and the air conditioning were not even working. Of course, the smells were so bad inside after they got the rodent out from the vents that I can’t go back.

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