Heater and air conditioner and the environment

Since hearing about the possible endangerment of the bees, my boyfriend and I started doing more things to save energy in our home. We’ve been vegetarians for years, so environmental preservation has always been an issue that is all around both of our hearts. We even discussed planting a garden on some of our patio with flowers and plants which were known to attract bees. As to other ways to conserve energy, my boyfriend called our local HVAC provider to see if they had any ideas for us. They told us that most significant ways people waste energy are by leaving the lights on when leaving a room, or leaving the air conditioner and heater on high when leaving your house. The HVAC technician told my boyfriend that the best advice he has for individuals is to turn the air conditioning off within our home when we both leave during the day. I had never thought about this, as I am usually thinking about work when I leave, but I want to start doing this soon. We also are sure to consider turning our air conditioner down within the fall and opening up our windows to cool things off. Another piece of advice he gave us was to bundle up in clothing to conserve money when turning the heater up in the winter, and I just finished getting down my winter knitted garments. My boyfriend and I can be so passionate about conserving the community, and I’m glad that we now have an HVAC provider who cares as much about conservation as we do.

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