Having HVAC issues

We have a neighbor who does nothing but complain to us constantly. She seems to be unhappy with every aspect of her life, but she does not make any effort to alter anything. She absolutely loves to vent to me about her horrible employer, and how she hates all of her co-workers. My neighbor has never looked for a different job, or put in an request anywhere else. She also hates every month of the year. In the summer, she grumbles concerning the heat and humidity, complaining that she is as sweaty as a pig. Instead of purchasing a cooling system for her household, she just opens a few windows and sets up a portable fan. She told me that loves blowing fans and prefers this to air conditioning. She then complains about how hot her house is because all she is doing is circulating the air. I sit in my beautiful, air conditioned house, and I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Any time winter comes, instead of hiring someone to plow her driveway, she spends hours shoveling. She then usually tells me about how tired she is, how her back hurts, and how much she despises the snow. Her house is cold and has many drafts. She told me that she spends nearly as much as I do on my utility bills. All she needs to do to save money is call up a HVAC repair company to service hr furnace. Every fall, I schedule a yearly maintenance for my heating system. . My furnace keeps my home comfortable and toasty, never breaks down, and operates efficiently. While my neighbor chooses to whine about her dry skin, static shock, and fuzzy hair, I prefer to enjoy the results of the whole-home humidifier purchased. It was a great investment I think my neighbor is trying to avoid living in a comfortable home for some reason.