Hard water and problems

At my house, we deal with the consequences of very hard water. Because of mineral deposits caused by calcium, lime, and rust in the water, I have all sorts of difficulty with every aspect of my plumbing. The mineral deposits build up inside all of the pipes, restricting both the supply of clean water and drainage of wastewater. The plumbing fixtures and faucets also get clogged, stained, and corroded. My bathroom sink, tub, and toilet are all stained and ugly, as a result of the hard water. I am forced to use very toxic chemicals to clean the fixtures in my bathroom, and very often, these cleaners dull the finish. I constantly am required to clean or even replace the aerator on the different faucets, because I end up with a trickle of water flowing from them. It makes a shower very long and aggravating because of the very low water pressure, along with the fact that the dirty water won’t drain. Due to the hard water, soap doesn’t lather like it should, skin has a tendency to dry out, and hair can get frizzy. My washing machine is also more likely to wear out more quickly than it should. Because the inner components get clogged with rust and calcium deposits, there is not enough water to operate the washer, putting more wear and tear on the washer. I also end up buying a new my water heater every couple years. The tank gets destroyed by the rust, then floods my laundry room. I have tried adding a water softener to improve the quality of my water, but it didn’t work out. I have simply resigned myself to constant service and expense in regards to my plumbing, and frequent calls for the plumber. I do not use tap water for drinking or cooking, and I try to avoid washing my delicate clothes in my water. Having hard water is just a problem that can’t be solved at my house.

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