Good seats with bad HVAC

When my siblings and I were kids, my parents often took us to the local football games. We weren’t well-off, but because my dad was friends with a player on the football team in high school, he was able to connect us up with box seats yearly. It was something that became really special to us. So, when I grew up and had kids, I really wanted to do something like that for my children. I had to buy four box seats and it was so pricey. I’m more wealthy than my parents were back then, but it still, we spent a lot of money. But, I knew it would be worth it. Before we knew it, it was game day and I was so excited to take the kids. I got them ready and put the jerseys in the car and we drove to the game. I checked my email while going in and I had a new one as we walked into the stadium. It said that the HVAC system inside our box has been broken where they were sending an HVAC computer technician out to fix it as soon as they could. That seemed really ridiculous, but my kids and I went in anyway. As we walked in, the room was boiling hot. It’s hard to believe that there was even a heating and cooling unit inside the building at all. The air conditioner was not performing a thing. I used to work for an HVAC company and people installed HVAC equipment in a lot of similar areas. They need a better HVAC business to come and quote them, because this is just unacceptable. Hopefully by next Sunday they have the HVAC working a bit better.