Getting my workout in

In my part of the country, ┬áthe winter season is brutally cold. We get feet of snow and temperatures listed below zero. While the spring season can be a little warmer, it’s usually rainy and muddy. For a portion of the year, I am forced to exercise inside. I workout for hours every morning. I have hand-weights, the treadmill, a stationary bike, and also a yoga mat. It’s not precisely a state-of-the-art gym, but it works to me. The repetition gets a bit boring sometimes, but I am happy to possess a temperature controlled space. When my spouse and i upgraded our HVAC system, I insisted that we needed to spend the extra money to get zoned control. It has been a respectable investment. We can now set different temperatures in various rooms entrance. I can keep my work out room a little cooler than other parts of house. I can also control the humidity and ventilation during my workout area, and I may make adjustments from my smartphone. It really is awesome. If I’m running on the treadmill, I use my touch screen phone for both my music and my temperature control. I can bump the temperature down a little bit, lower the humidity level, and even eliminate the stink of sweat. When spring rolls around, I’m always anxious to get outside and go for a run. I want to breathe the fresh air and enjoy some fresh scenery. I forget that you will find bugs, mean dogs, and deplete fumes outside. I have no entry to water, my IPod sometimes runs away from batteries, and I’m never dressed properly for the weather.central air conditioning