Fresh HVAC

Once you work in a kitchen, you get used to your clothes smelling like the foods you happen to be preparing. If I work on a weekend where we have a big local sports game with television, then people will be ordering a bunch of food from the bar. This food is usually fried and has a very distinct smell. I don’t mind it while I’m there, but when I go back home, my hubby complains about how my clothes smell being a fried foods. Well, the owner of the place is a really nice guy and tries to help his employees any ways he can. He actually had a brand-new HVAC system installed yesterday that will filter odors better and other things from the kitchen which is pretty trendy. The last restaurant I work in had the same is with filters not working, the owner was an incredibly mean guy and he almost never did anything for his staff. He would never go out his way to upgrade the heater and air conditioner inside place. Even if he did replace, it would have only be in the dining room. At my current employer, the brand new HVAC system is awesome. It does such a great job that my clothes will no longer smell like the food. I talked with my boss the other day and he told me that they is now replacing the air filters in the system every three weeks or so to make certain everything is running as cleanly as it can be. Who knew he was this kind of nice guy?

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